Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tiger Kingdom

Lydia has joked with me several times since this trip started that the only reason I am here is so I can pet the tigers at Tiger Kingdom. She was not far off. Tiger Kingdom is about thirty minute outside of Chiang Mai and we booked a taxi through the hotel. The reserve gives you an option to interact with tigers of four sizes; the smallest, small, medium and large. We paid a pretty penny, about $40 each, to see the smallest, the small and the large cats. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Thank you, Lydia Douglass for playing the photographer today.

The smallest tigers. This little guy was tired and kept falling asleep.
Another of the "smallest" tigers, though this one is older than the other one.
Yes, that is attached.
Look at that paw.

This girl is 17 months old. According to the keeper she eats 5 kilos of chicken twice a day or one tourist.
Apparently, she likes "white meat."- his words not ours.
The keeper took this picture
One of the small tigers.
And his brothers.

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